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            -Robert G. Ingersoll

The Sonoma Rebound Project

Sonoma Rebound, a 501C3 organization since 2017, was conceived by a small group of Santa Rosa residents who want to help mitigate the impacts of the historic North Bay fires. Rather than simply donating money to traditional causes, our group concluded there may be a more direct participatory approach to helping our community to get back to normal. Our goal was to connect with people who can offer services to help the community and to create a place where people can receive free service in a comfortable and friendly environment. We rented a space with a storefront near downtown Santa Rosa, renovated the site on a shoestring budget, and launched the center as Sonoma Rebound. Within a short time, we created a place where people can easily donate their professional services. We consistently launched 5 to 7 events a week and served hundreds of people.

In the wake of COVID-19, we decided to redefine our goal to address a more urgent issue. The restaurant industry has been especially hit hard by the pandemic. Many local restaurants and related businesses are facing a tough decision on whether to remain in business or not. Sonoma Rebound is committed to helping local restaurants, caterers, and chefs across the US by offering an innovative platform called Restaurant StoreFronts (http://restaurantstorefronts.com).

Our goal is to deploy a gig economy where caterers and chefs offer their services and restaurants offer their venue and clientele. Participate in the gig economy also means anyone can create his/her own job. For example, event planners may work with several caterers, establish new venues, and provide logistics for booking customers, generating income based on the number of bookings. This platform provides a perfect environment for trying out new business or service ideas.

Please go to http://restaurantstorefronts.com/bp to view our business plan.

We are proud to announce the launch of this new platform on October 2020. We encourage everyone to support our local restaurants and to help spread the word by printing a copy of this plan and pass it along to your neighborhood restaurants. Together we can rebuild our communities and move forward for a better future.

Restaurant Storefronts is not a funded project, and we are counting on the generosity of our community to support us. If you like our commitment to helping independent restaurants, please make a donation to our cause. Even a few dollars will make a big difference to us. Collectively Sonoma Rebound can accelerate the programs and begin to see results sooner. Please click here to make a donation or send money to our Paypal account sonomarebound@gmail.com.

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in learning online marketing. Please contact us if you would like to donate a few hours a week to help our communities.

Sonoma Rebound Our Story

How To Participate

If you are interested in volunteering, please send us a message at sonomarebound@gmail.com. We are seeking 3 types of participants: admin support volunteers, corporate sponsors, and project promotion volunteers.

Admin Support Volunteers

Sometimes you don't even realize you have much to share - your knowledge and your skillset. You may volunteer your time to help restaurants to implement Restaurant StoreFronts programs by calling them on the phone or replying to their emails.

Corporate sponsors

Businesses may become a sponsor by making a donation to Sonoma Rebound. We will announce your sponsorship on our Restaurant Storefronts web site by displaying your logo and a hyperlink to your web site.

Project promotion volunteers

Promotion is a major task when launching our platform. Sign up as a volunteer if you are interested in learning how to promote events.

Whether you would like to participate or just want to explore further, send us a message at sonomarebound@gmail.com. Short term participation is also welcome. We will make your experience an enjoyable one while working on a meaningful cause. We thank you for reading our post, and your suggestions are most welcome.

Our Contact Information

Our mailing address: 122 Calistoga Road #250 Santa Rosa, CA 95409 You can email us: sonomarebound@gmail.com

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